Magnum opus

Opus magnum , tedy Velké dílo alchymistů, spočívalo ve výrobě Kamene filosofů ( Lapis philosophorum). Magnum opus (лат. великая работа):. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and . Definition of magnum opus – a work of art, music, or literature that is regarded as the most important or best work that an artist, composer, or writer has pr. Synonyms for magnum opus at Thesaurus.

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The Latin plural magna opera may be preferred in some academic and literary contexts, in popular usage the English-style plural magnum opuses is more . From the epic best-selling novels by Stephen King comes The Dark Tower. Your magnum opus is your greatest piece of work. Premium quality soap-making botanicals including Mitragyna speciosa extract. This legendary amulet of item level 9goes in the Neck slot.

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